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Development of Devices based on Micro/Nano-technology


Current ESA programmes are listed below and results from completed programmes are found on ESCIES.

Running activities

Domain Title Prime contractor ESA contact name
Sensors resource download icon Validation/Pre-Qualification of MEMS-Based analogue high-pressure sensor for Space applications Presens AS Laurent Marchand
MEMS reliability Avoidance of MEMS dielectric charge trappingX XLim Laurent Marchand
Propulsion Reliability assessment of a MEMS-based isolation valve for propulsion systems Nanospace AB Nicolas Saillen
Optical Instrument MEMS Fabry-Perot Interferometer Technology for Miniaturized hyperspectral Imagers and Microspectrometers VTT Nicolas Saillen
MEMS reliability EASIMECA: Freestanding structure optimisation by mechanical tensile test Centre de recherche - Gabriel Lippmann Nicolas Saillen


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