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Electrical, electronic and electro-mechanical (EEE) components play an essential role in the functional performance, quality, life cycle and costs of space systems.

Their standardisation,product specification, development, evaluation, qualification and procurement must be based on a coherent and efficient approach, paying due consideration to present and prospective European space policies and must be commensurate with user needs, market developments and technology trends.

The ESCC is established with the objective of harmonising the efforts concerning the various aspects of EEE space components by ESA, European national and international public space organisations, the component manufacturers and the user industries.

The goal of the ESCC is to improve the availability of strategic EEE space components with the required performance and at affordable costs for institutional and commercial space programmes.

It is the objective of ESCC to achieve this goal by harmonising the resources and development efforts for space components in the ESA Member States and by providing a single and unified system for the standardisation, product specification, evaluation, qualification and procurement of European EEE space components and for the certification of components and component manufacturers.

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