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Welcome to ESCC

This web site supports the European Space Components Coordination (ESCC). ESCC is described by its Charter and supporting procedures.

The activities encompassed by ESCC are divided into an Harmonisation Task and an Executive Task. The former is performed under the auspices of the Space Components Steering Board (SCSB) supported by a Policy and Standards Working Group (PSWG) and a Components Technology Board (CTB).

The SCSB was set up by way of a Founding Act enacted on the 8th October 2002. This act represents an agreement between Space Agencies, European Space Industry (component users) and European Component Manufacturers (component providers) to cooperate in the field of EEE parts for application in Space programmes.

The Executive Task is carried out by the ESCC Executive which is provided by the Space Agencies participating in ESCC (the signatories to the Founding Act). The primary responsibility of the Executive is to provide an organisation for the custody and management of the ESCC Specification System and to manage the related tasks of evaluation and qualification of components and the certification of components and component manufacturers.

(The ESCC Documents and Procedures section of this web site provides access to the documents fully describing the goals, structure and operation of ESCC.)

This web site is organised with a public area and a private area for registered users.

The public area of the web site provides access to ESCC publications including the SCSB's newsletter and links to the major ESCC products which include the ESCC Specification System, the ESCC Qualified Parts List and the European Preferred Parts List. These are found as part of a large external data collection managed under the European Space Components Information Exchange System (ESCIES).

The private area of the web site supports the activities of the different bodies (SCSB, PSWG, CTB and Executive) and their various working groups. This supports work in progress while results (for example new specifications, qualified parts etc.) are published mainly within ESCIES.

(Registered users are restricted to members or authorised observers of one or more of the ESCC bodies or working groups.)

Any questions arising which are pertinent to participation in ESCC may, with appropriate reference to the Charter and published Procedures, be directed to:

The ESCC Secretariat
P.O. Box 299
2200 AG Noordwijk
The Netherlands

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